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Safety auditing is a core safety management activity, providing a means of identifying potential problems before they have an impact on safety. When done professionally, a safety audit will help determine if a company's day to day activities are in conformity with their safety efforts. This means a safety audit is typically only done after a safety plan for the facility is already in place. A safety audit can however, be used as part of the process in the creation of a full workplace safety plan for a facility.

Safety Audits are performed for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Legislative Requirements There are a number of legislative requirements in place that require facilities to meet certain safety standards. A safety audit can help ensure those standards are met.
  • Safety Concern Keeping employees and the workplace safe is ethically very important.
  • Injuries If someone has been injured in a specific area of the workplace, it is often necessary to perform a safety audit of that area to determine whether the injury was a one-time occurrence or there is a risk of it happening to someone else.
  • Bottom Line While safety improvement in the workplace is often looked at as an expenditure, in the long run it can positively improve a company's bottom line.
  • Safety Culture Employers that want to promote a safety-focused culture need to set the tone by engaging in safety-related activities such as a safety audit.

At Lansdowne Risk Solutions Ltd. we can provide this service by conducting on-site audits, provide actionable reports, write and amend your health & safety policies, provide 24/7 advice and continually monitor and review your policies and procedures.

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